An Original Web Series
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The Show

"What if Rod Serling were the cause of the odd events in each episode of The Twilight Zone?"

It is this intriguing idea, as posited by series creator CJ Johnson, that would be developed into a very unique webseries named The Projectionist.

The Projectionist is a 15-minute weekly anthology series consistent with, and spiritual successor to, the great genre television anthologies of the 1960's. In keeping with its chief inspiration, The Twilight Zone, The Projectionist will feature quality, self-contained, dramatic "netplays".

Each week, the mysterious owner and projectionist of the State Theater, Cole Kirwin, will thrust an unwitting member of his audience into a strange and fantastic situation. How the unfortunate audience member reacts will contribute to the macabre, ironic, or unexpected twist ending of each episode. Learn more here.

The Talent

The Projectionist was created by independent writer/director CJ Johnson, and developed by series executive producers Kevin Brunkhardt and Michael J Knowlan. The series will be produced by independent writer/director Derek W Beck, and star Christopher Amitrano as the mysterious host and projectionist, Cole Kirwin. The series executive story editor will be columnist and independent screenwriter Will Federman.

All of the talented key members of the series demo film crew have expressed interest in working on the series, including director Stewart Hopewell. This ensures that the high level of quality required for the series will be met. View a full crew list here.

Each episode of the series is essentially a short film. This makes The Projectionist a very attractive production for talented writers, directors, and actors. The production staff is currently speaking with artists to fill these roles.


The Projectionist is an original show that is specifically designed to take advantage of the New Media wave. The marketing campaign will include, but not be limited to: These strategies, coupled with the built-in Twilight Zone audience, will offer The Projectionist ever-increasing viewership.